If You Sleep More Than 6 Hours Per Night You Are Weak

18 Feb 2016 . category: Blog . Comments

The title of this post is a bit misleading, as in I don’t agree with it at all. The thing is, there seems to exist a social stigma about those who get a good night’s sleep, we live a culture where people compete and brag about who sleeps less:

— I only slept for 5 hours today.

— That’s nothing, try coming to work with 3 hours of sleep like me every day.

Today I mentioned to a few friends that I make the effort to sleep 8 hours every day. I make an habit of organizing everything in my every day to be able to get those hours of sleep, but I was met with a sense that being able to get 8 hours of sleep meant that I didn’t work hard enough. I beg to differ. I have a few theories about those who manage with only 5 hours of sleep per night:

Need better organization in life - If you sleep a few hours per night because you have to work late or because you need a few extra hours per day for your leisure that may be an indicative that you need to make a few changes in life. Try to understand if you’re working a little bit too much or maybe you’re not managing your todo list the right way.

You’re not working hard enough - Maybe you manage to get by everyday with 3 hours of sleep because you’re not spending your energy during the day.

Maybe you’re 70 - Study shows that older people sleep less, maybe you’re old.

Did you know Albert Einstein slept 10 hours per night with a few naps during the day? Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true (He actually said that, but there’s no evidence he did that). It’s trendy not to sleep too much because you can do so much more if you’re awake, but there’s evidence showing that the tiredness that comes from not sleeping enough does not compensate the productivity that you may get from a few extra hours per day. We tend to make more mistakes if we’re sleep deprived which causes us not to perform to our full capability during the day, which in turn makes us have the necessity to compensate by sleeping less again. I’m not even mentioning the risks to our health. Let’s stop the sleep competition.

I’m going to sleep, see you in 8 hours.