Motivation Crash

29 May 2016 . category: Blog . Comments


The concept of sugar crash talks about the fatigue that we feel after we eat tons of sugar, at first there’s a spike of energy but then, out of nowhere, that spike falls abruptly into a state of tiredness.

That also happens with our motivation.

Last weekend I attended TEDxOporto (it was actually last month, talk about motivation to write this) where I spent an entire day hearing amazing stories, exciting lives and meeting motivating people. As I was hearing those stories I started getting motivated to do something different with my life, to have ideas and conquer all my dreams.

As the day went by I kept telling myself: “Tomorrow you’ll start trying”.

I wanted to be like one of the speakers, I wanted to have something to talk about, something that inspires other people as much as they inspired me.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one feeling like that. From the 1000 people that attended I’m sure 997 of them left feeling more inspired and motivated, maybe for different reasons than mine, but motivated nonetheless.

And then the next day arrives.

The next day we fall into reality, we have the sugar crash of motivation. We start telling ourselves “tomorrow I’ll start” and we end up doing nothing. The will to do something is still there, but that raw motivation that we felt that day has gone. But why?

I started by asking myself what motivated me that day, or why do I get excited when I watch an inspiring video or read an interesting article and found some interesting information.

What happens is that our brain lies to us. When we tell ourselves that we’re going to write an album in the next few months or that we’re going to be more productive next week or that we are going to have an amazing idea for a product that is going to make us a member of the Three Commas Club, our brain rewards us as if we’ve already achieved those things, it means that, momentarly, we feel the sensation of completing our goals and it makes us feel good. We get the reward even before starting the work and when the time to really do it… then we realize the long journey we still have ahead.

What to do to stay motivated?

In my opinion, the best way is to surround ourselves with inspiring people in our day-to-day. And almost anyone can be inspiring if you let them be and if you create the right environment for them and for you to be inspiring and motivated.

So stay motivated, motivate others and let others motivate you.