I’m the kind of person who wants to achieve three stars in every level of Angry Birds. In other words, I’m always seeking to come up with the best solution to any problem.
I love the intersection of design and usability to create compelling products that people love to use.
Currently I’m at Booking.com working to help people find the best experiences in their travels.

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05 Jan 2017 . Blog . Backoffices Shouldn't Be Ugly Comments

Companies nowadays need tools that are specifically designed for them, for instance, their use cases, tailored to their businesses.

Sometimes these tools are what we call backoffices. Some of them are applications that are going to be used internally. In both cases, these tools aren’t to be used by the public, as they are only for the employees of that company.

And that’s why some software developers don’t make an effort to create good experiences in these pieces of software.

Why try to design a nice user interface, or think about the flow of the user...



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    Helping people find great experiences @ Booking.com!

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    Started my career @ DevScope!


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